Maintaining a healthy lawn requires regular and careful lawn care. Lawn maintenance activities include watering the lawn, aerating the lawn, fertilizing the lawn, mulching the lawn, mowing the lawn, controlling weeds on the lawn, treating lawn diseases, repairing and restoring the lawn. Lawn watering should be regular. In Moscow and the Moscow region's climate, however, it is not necessary to water the lawn as the rainfall can provide enough moisture. The depth of soil moistening the lawn is a determinant of how often it needs to be watered - no less than 15cm. The lawn should not be heavily flooded - this can lead to rotting of the root system and the formation of bald spots. Morning and evening are the best times to water your lawn. The lawn can be damaged by daytime watering, particularly on hot sunny days. The best access of water to the root system of the lawn is achieved by aerating the lawn. The process of lawn aeration consists of making holes in the turf with the help of forks or special devices - aerators, which can be either manual or mechanical. Aeration allows you to loosen the soil well and greatly facilitates the flow of water, oxygen and nutrients directly to the roots of the grasses that make up the lawn. Aeration increases the airflow to the turf, which reduces the risk of root system rot, bald spots formation, and the appearance of mold. Aeration can be done on both hot and dry days to loosen soil and make it easier to water. It is also performed after heavy rains to prevent decay. Cincinnati lawn care services are available.

Aeration is often done during lawn fertilization in order to ensure fertilizers reach the root system. The lawn should be fertilized at least three times per year. Lawn Care should feed the lawn in April after the snow melts. The second feeding is at the end May or beginning of summer. The last feeding is in October before winter. The frequency of lawn fertilizing is explained by the fact that due to regular lawn mowing, the grass begins to grow rapidly and actively, as a result of which the lawn soil is very quickly depleted. Follow the link to learn more about Cincinnati's top lawn care services.
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